Trust Name :
Establishment :



Shri Durgaprasad Goyal



Shri Kiritbhai K. Patel



Shri Gaurangbhai N. Patel



Shri Vasantbhai S. Patel

Vice President


Shri Khodabahi S. Patel Trustee
6. Shri Amrutbhai G. Modh Trustee
7. Shri Ramanbhai M. Patel Trustee


To make arrangements and to develop the education system which is based on the Indian culture and its day to day life (Observation of Life).
To built and to maintain the institution which gives the education in different field and in different stages of Physical, Mentaly, Intelluctual, Moraly and Religion of a Child.
To make Pogress and coordination between the educational enstitutions and societies which are running in above direction.
To give different types of help, Loan, Grant, Scholarship and financial help to proper and needful students and different institutions like colleges, libraries, Bookshops, Cultural centers, Gymnasiums which are running in the same direction.
To make the arrangement of printing of publication written books, do cument pages, book lets containing all above objectives (aims). To make co-operation and coordination between there types of institution.
To make arrangement of building, Scientific institution, and the laboratories in which students can see the scientific development, do scientific research and to develop scientific observation among the students and also to help in progress of such institution and schools which areworking in the above direction.
To make arrangement for the proper training and education for the teachers who are working in the direction of achieving above objectives, to prepare proper sylabus and books material for making effective education work.
To make plan for better coordination, debates, meetings, and to share each other ideas and experience between the educational institutions working on above principles or objectives.
To make different types of arrangments for making communication network between the principals (Trustees) of different educational institutions and to make progress in making students taking interest in literature, science and creatively.
In order to fulfill above objectives, different kinds of help, volatile and permanent wealth to be achieve, and to make proper use of it for the institutions and for their objectives.

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